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dog treats Australia r the best dog treats

Dog treat Australia dog treat fed dogs

Dog treat Australia dog treat fed dogs Dog treats Australia are best when meat based

The title should be specific enough for the casual reader.

I have written this blog for a month or so now, and realise that I haven’t included any information about dog treats, which after all is the whole point of this site.

I may repeat the message a few times in my blog, but for the newbies out there, ones that feed their dogs manufactured dog food, STOP IT.


If you don’t stop it, they wont go blind (necessarily), but they will be getting up to 80% grain in their diet, which is BAD for a carnivore (your domestic dog). Their health will suffer. It is much harder for dogs to process grain, and they wont get all of the protein (meat amino acid profiles) that they need.

You may not know it, but there are very few high quality Australian dog treat companies that make meat based treats. Meat based treats are the only ones you should feed your dog to address the very low amount of meat in your dogs diet. 

Low amount of meat means a borderline amount of protein your dog requires as the building block of its body’s functions. And no, plant protein is neither the quality or quantity of protein (specific amino acids) that your dog requires to be really healthy.

Dog Treats Australia – meat based are the healthiest
A shiny coat means there is oil in your dogs food. So what? it is no reflection on their healthiness.

Many hunting dogs have owners that know that meat is best, so they save some of the game and offal and bones for their dogs. This is a tiny fraction of the dog owner population.

Most people who own domestic dogs are told by the big companies just to keep buying their expensive grain (cheap) products and everything will be alright. No it won’t.

Just telling you this kind of stuff makes me a kind of rebel, Actually selling you healthy dog treats, at discount prices makes me a maverick.

Unfortunately until more people buy the kind of food and dog treats their dogs really need to thrive, the message won’t get out there. And there will be very few people like me to tell you. We are drowned out by the big advertising dollars of the multinationals and their sham vets  who should know better. But money talks.

If you want to know the scientific reasons for meat being important for your dog, read the articles under the Nutrition tab on this site, just don’t take opinion as truth.

There are very few companies out there selling you the good stuff, and very much fewer selling it at a decent price. That is what the point of this site is about, so happy shopping and ask as many questions as you like.


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