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Healthy Dog Treats Australia.

Why Bruce’s Healthy Dog Treats are the best in Australia

Healthy Happy Dog treat fans<<<< Click Category to BUY ONLINE 

At ‘Bruces Healthy Dog Treats’ we understand the vital importance of nutritious dog food/ treats. Both dogs and cats evolved to eat meat, and meat based treats address the fact that almost all manufactured dog food is less than 30% meat.

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This is why Bruce has found a 100% Australian owned, Melbourne based manufacturer that has been EXCLUSIVELY making and sourcing premium quality meat based treats for 20 years. We sell these treats cheaply to you so you can afford more. For training reward, dog food supplement, and just as a treat, your dog and cat deserve the best treats available!

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The Benefits of buying Bruce’s Treats on-line

  CHEAP prices & Online shopping convenience


MEAT BASED NOT Cheap grain based

BULK SAVINGS Highly affordable!
HEALTHY Very Low in salt, no added sugar.
Extensive range Buy exactly what your dog likes!
FRESHNESS Resealable bags, (most small packs)
REAL Service Great 1 to 1 personal service.
SAFE BlackDog is from a Melbourne family business.

What kind of chewing can be expected? 

The following videos show two of the treats I sell being eaten. They give you a good idea of the chewing quality. Want to know more about a specific treat? (Click the article & video link on the left column of this page).

Essential Nutrients for dogs

Domestic dogs retain the meat requirements and digestion of their ancestor the grey wolf. Our meat based treats provide the natural nutrients (proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals) in the correct balance needed by your dog. See this site’s DOG Nutrition ARTICLES for further information on treats and raw dog diets.

These treats make meat proteins (amino acids) available that are easiest for dogs to digest. If you really care about what your dog eats, don’t just give them scraps or any old treat, give them healthy meat based treats they actually need. This way you will both feel great about yur purchase

happy healthy dog treat dogs What to look for in Healthy Dog Treats

If you buy any kind of food or treat for your dog we recommend that you carefully review who provides it and exactly what’s in it (click on the long description for any treat to see the ingredient list).

Choose ones that include different animals and different cuts of animals for variety and health. Look for products that have no artificial flavours or additives, from a company you can trust (ours).

If you think you cannot afford natural healthy dog treats, think again the revolution is here!

Cheers, Bruce, Archie & the team.

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