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Archie spoodle dog digging out a rabbit hole (fast motion). VIDEO

archie dog on rabbit dig

This is one of the most dedicated digs I have ever seen Archie dog attempt.

There was no sign of the rabbit, but there was a strong scent that a rabbit had been there previously, recently.

He is only allowed to go into this part of the park in non summer months to avoid snakes, but as you can see he gets very satisfied and expends a lot of energy in doing so. But there is also something much more primal at play here.

I have never seen him stay at one hole for so long, and was impressed with this, knowing that he doesn’t have the power or paw strength to really do any damage to the rabbit warren.

Of course he doesn’t know this, and will only learn by attempting to do so.

I wondered how long I should support this fantasy of his, and the answer was mostly as long as it takes. He gets his long off lead dog walks in the morning to remains social and have a good play with dogs, so this isolated ‘play’ under supervision was really doing him no harm.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, backed up by science papers, the best thing you can do for your dog is to find out what activities they were bred for, and a few times per week letting them do these activities or a close approximation, as long as no animal is harmed in performing these tasks. Well that is my goal for domesticated dogs. Hunting dogs get to do the real things all the time.

Usually Archie dogs time is spent running up and down a narrow strip of land trying to see and chase live rabbits to retrieve. So I was very curious to see why he was so curious about this particular rabbit warren. No doubt there were escape exits all over the park nearby, so no rabbit was ever in real danger. But of course Archie didn’t know this.

For Archie he is satisfying a need that was bred into him, as well as getting to earn his food for his owner. This gives a massive double dose of dog satisfaction, and I was just happy to be around and support him in this once off activity!

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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