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A great time in the wet at the Williamstown dog Park Beach

dogs on a beach newport

dogs on a beach newport It started out a little overcast after a very hot night then some thunder. It was deciding whether it would drizzle or not when we got to the Williamstown back beach.

The dogs were just interested in getting out of the car and having a good time. They were all very highly energized, even the oldest member Harry.

After the redevelopment of the seagulls oval and ‘duck pond’ (storm water run-off), the strip of land between the oval fence line and the water provides a safe environment to have dog play.

We miss the trees that were removed during development, the history of this natural part of Williamstown. Progress and $8M have made the ‘duck pond’ section in the centre of all of this and without trees, there is NO shelter.

This has meant that the main focus of play for dogs is on the bluestone rocks that many years ago where placed on the ‘small cliff edges’ so that you could have access to the water without erosion pulling the sea-land interface away.

Our dog pack loved the drizzle after a very hot night at Williamstown dog back beach. The chance to dip into the water or just explore the shoreline. They had the best of times, not knowing how much better it used to be for their kind. Such is progress.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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