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Kangaroo Cartilage, a great chewing affordable roo dog treat

Roo-cartilage-dog-treatsIn a world of many types of dog treats, all you need to remember is healthy meat dog treats are the only way to go, and that anything Roo is organic and low fat.

The trick for many people is to know which one is for their dog, and why.

Many people who own smaller or older dogs, or just want soft treats for dog food supplements will go for the softest treats we provide.

Then people who have big powerful breed dogs go for the bones, either for their meat or for lasting the longest of almost any bone in existence (roo bone clod).

But right in the sweet spot is the Roo cartilage, long lasting for small and medium-sized dogs, and even a little.

Excellent Roo Cartilage SamplerRoo Cartilage Bulk savings

These treats are organic with the good oil.  Low fat, long chewing, compact. There isn't much more that you could want but to know that they are also relatively cheap compared to the other long lasting roo treats.

Order of chewing. SOFT TO HARD


  • 100% natural / organic
  • No additives, colouring or anything,
  •  100% Australian product
  • Simply dried and packed.

Great chewing, and teeth cleaning action !

Happy trails and good chewing !

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