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A hauntingly beautiful & friendly Husky dog called Holly

holly the husky

holly the husky I could easily wax lyrical about the dogs I have in my own dog pack for eternity because the more you know any dog, the more like family they become. However, today’s post is about a husky dog called Holly.

We first met Holly a year or so ago when by age she was much more of an official puppy. Her owner has done all of the right things by regularly taking her to off lead parks and keeping her social. For people who dont believe you can do this with a husky, holly is proof.

In fact I have a video of her playing frantically with one of my clients dogs somewhere on youtube.

The trick to remember is that dogs are only as social as the amount of time you allow them to be off lead at dog parks. Of course teaching them social things during the critical puppy stage is very important, but that isnt a lifelong lesson.

Husky’s by nature are an ancient dog, wanting to do things very independently, like the wolf. And without socialisation and discipline can become big problems for owners at home and out in parks. Particularly when a husky passes the age of 2 and its breed instincts cut in, a non social husky can be very dangerous for people and dogs to be around.

This is part of the reason why we hold Holly the husky and her diligent owners in such a high regard. Yes it takes time, but why bother getting a dog unless you are going to dedicate a LOT of tiem to them for LIFE. They give so much back, it is criminal not to do so.

Then of course there is Holly’s striking markings. She is in her peak of fitness and will puppy play all day if she can. Thank you Holly, the park appreciates your presence …

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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