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Where to buy wholesale dog food?

dog food supplied by healthy dog treats

dog food supplied by healthy dog treats I have answered this question a myriad of times in my blog and social media pages. If you’re after scientific verifiable information please click on the nutrition tab of this website. But just like many people enjoy TV but have no idea how the signal gets to their flat-screen marvels, so it is with the mystery of dog food. To simplify the matter, I will lay this out in a time line.

50,000 years ago, wolves roamed much of the earth (before man drove them to the brink of extinction. They were the alpha predator in most of the eco systems they lived in. They spent their lives tracking prey, hunting prey, running for hours if need be in a pack perusing large prey and working cooperatively with the members of the pack to earn their food. They are a proud intelligent species, one of the greatest on earth.

They did a tiny amount of scavenging and eating of berries when food suppliers were very thin and the pack needed food to survive until the next hunt, but their lives were all about the hunt for MEAT.

20,000 years ago something happened that had the wolf trust man, and man trust wolf. Man realised they could tame some versions of the wolf, and the wolf soon found out that it could gain food from this modified ape.  The evolution of wolves into dogs occurred around this time and through the centuries, but it was mostly the last 500 years that dogs were shaped and breed for very specific working reasons of man. BUT THIS SHAPING IS ONLY ON THE OUTSIDE.

Dog food 500 years ago was still meat based

500 years ago dogs were still mostly kept as a working dog. They could be companions too, but they mostly had to earn their keep. They were fed food scraps, but a large component of their meal was still meat, because the owners knew that this was their original diet. They knew how much better work and health they could get out of their worker if fed a meat diet.

60 years ago, post world war 2, advertising and consumerism took a perverse turn. Advertisers soon realised that if you slapped something in a shiny can, or bag and made really slick ads that consumers could be sold anything, even if it wasn’t good for them. Few laws existed, and human medical health safeguards were still in its infancy (cigarette anyone?). Eventually a group of manufacturers got together and created aafco that would define the American and world standard of what could be legally called dog food. A nutrient table was created that meant that no natural combination of organic substances (meat, vegetable or grain) could be shoved into a bag, without a mass of added vitamins and minerals. This trick precluded raw meat diets from being called dog food. This ensured that any caring dog owner would have to buy manufactured dog food.  Soon they found they could keep decreasing meat content until it reached about 20% before it was impossible to meet the very low essential amino acid (aafco table) requirements.

Many raw feeder and dog experts understand that just because a combination of meat and vegetables meats the figure on a nutrition table, it doesn’t mean that the essential amino acid is bio available. That means that much of the grain protein in dog food can’t readily be used by the carnivore domestic dog for basic repair and maintenance in its body. But if you put enough vitamins and minerals in, and lots of oil for a shiny coat, nobody is going to notice.

TODAY – In a modern society, very few people have time to walk their dogs daily off lead, let alone prepare a nutritious fresh meat meal for their dogs. Its easier to believe that corporations have their dogs best interest at heart, and my isn’t that can or pellet bag cheap and convenient?

Your trusted vet, your TV personality and your neighbour will all swear that somehow magically domestic dogs have evolved to mainly eat a grain diet. Dogs were never bred to make this internal change. They don’t have the herbivore enzymes in their mouths in sufficient value to break down grains. They have high acid stomachs, short intestines and all the digestion processes of the Grey wolf. They are domestic dogs with wolfs digestion.

In summary, if you feed your dog a manufactured dog food diet (with very little meat in it), then meat based dog treats as sold on this site are the healthiest supplement or dog training treat you will ever be able to afford.

Wholesale dog food supplies in Australia

At the end of the day, most of our purchase decisions are emotional based, tempered with basic economics.  Do I like it, can I afford it? That is why the few leading companies that dominant the dog food market each have 5 to ten brands. From basic to deluxe, essentially selling you the same stuff at different price points (all loaded with grain).

While I am talking about dog supplies in Australia I am going to concentrate on dog treats, because that is my expert niche. If you have read the About Section of my website you will see that I am a small business person who is immersed in the dog industry at the pointy end, the dog walking and dog minding end. I don’t see them as a commodity or a target market, I see them as amazing sentient beings that we are lucky enough to share our lives with, and REALLY deserve the best.

If you are happy to emotionally connect with a faceless corporation who also sells you dud dog food, then you and your dog are happy to pay the price with whatever cut price supplies they stock.

I buy my dog supplies (dog treats) direct from the suppliers on an as needed basis as much as I can. I inspect treats when they come in. I film video of dogs eating the treats. I trust them enough to fed to my own dog. As a raw feeder I can tell you that dog supplies Australia are usually about profit, not quality. That is why I have the very unusual proposition of both highest quality at internet low prices (including low postage rates). I know why the treats I sell are the healthiest and am happy to discuss with any client, what their specific needs are.  The only people I have previously turned away are vegans who wanted to feed their dog a vegan diet. As you can see, I make a 100% health stand for all canines and that is our promise.


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