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dog food is dog meat not the rabbits stomach full of grass

dogs food meat and fun

dogs food meat and funDog food has always been MEAT, not rabbit food.

Recently on one of my blogs I had a comment by an “anonymous” person whose whole rebuttal to the amazingly simple and science backed concept that dogs evolved to eat meat and should mainly eat meat was that ‘wild wolves and dogs eat the contents of the stomach of their prey.’

Why this is beyond irrelevant to any proof that this makes a dog an omnivore is explained below.

Dog food – Dog prey can be carnivore or herbivore.

Most animals in the wild are either a herbivore or carnivore. That is how evolution seemed to make most animals (except for man who evolved to eat vegetables more once he grew them).

Herbivores might put up less of a struggle than carnivores and might be less of a risk, but many herbivores expect to be eaten, so they have learned to hide well and run fast.

So what happens when a wolf or wild dog eats a bear or a fox or another carnivore. Wont the contents of the stomach of these animals be all meat? Does that prove that domestic dogs really are carnivores?

Dog food. What is the contents of a herbivore prey’s stomach?

If it is a rabbit, it might be berries, grass and the occasional root vegetable.

But most likely this will be immersed in a tasty soup of animal digestive juices full of animal proteins and light acid.

“Canines and felines have simple stomachs, short intestinal tracts, and undeveloped caeca. All ingested food passes quickly through the digestive system with little opportunity for microbial fermentation. Thus, these animals are carnivores, feeding almost entirely on animal tissue although some nutrients can also be obtained from high quality plant material like hulled grains or tubers that contain starch rather than cellulose. Omnivores, like humans or pigs, also possess simple stomachs but their digestive systems are capable of extracting nutrients from readily digested plant tissue if the plant cell wall is thin or the fibrous coat surrounding grain seeds or nuts is disrupted or removed. Omnivores vary considerably in ability to obtain nutrients from plant cell walls.”

Is it not possible that if a dog does find the contents of a prey’s stomach tasty, that they might be eating it for more than the few blades of grass they might find in it?

Dogs are scavengers so what about eating vegetables at home

Many owners love to make their dogs eat raw or cooked vegetables at home like some kind of parlour trick.  Some dogs love to gobble up a carrot. The crunch of it, the explosive juices, it is really a great sport.

Yes they also have carbs and yummy sugar, that all animals on earth crave, but dogs can get sugars in meat too.  A dog will eat what a human gives them (alpha dog and provider of food ) and if taught early enough will also eat things that are poisonous to them like onions and a whole list of vegetables.  Just because you trained your dog to have a taste for vegetables does not meant that it is a preferred nutritional meal for a dog. Humans can be trained to live on fast food, and love the sugars and fats, but it is not recommended by most doctors.

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