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Archie (spoodle) dog gets very close to ducks & chickens VIDEO

Archie dog after ducks

The premise was fun. My client was minding three ducks and three young chickens and had seen hour fascinated my spoodle was with all things bird and cat.  She proposed that we satisfy his curiosity by giving him a tour of her back yard on lead. What could go wrong?

I have mentioned this before, but will again specifically for this video. A spoodle is two retriever dogs in one. Poodle and cocker spaniel.  Both of these retrieved ducks and the like from swamps for their hunter owners. They were bred and evolved for years to do this task and in the process developed a very keen sense of smell and tracking abilities.

Another point to consider before reviewing/ enjoying the video is that the birds are very placid and live with an assortment of dogs and cats, and are not expecting such a high level of interest and excitement from a dog.

My spoodle is also bred from an English cocker spaniel, which means he fully retains his hunting capabilities.

My spoodle is also Extremely social since he gets two walks per day, every day for life.

Given this information, I too was interested in what he would do in such a ‘friendly’ situation.

It is true that under expert training, dog trainers can make a dog do almost anything against his breeding and better instinct.  They train dogs to function in war after all.

Why I like this video.

I guess because its kind of like a proud father moment. I want my dog to be social, but I also don’t want him to lose touch with being a dog and doing what he was bred for. I don’t want him to go into swamps and risk all the harm hazards that true hunting dogs endure, because he has not been raised to be that ‘toughened’ to the environment.

In this fairly controlled environment, his first major surprise was the ducks in the kids wading pool.  The house owner was restraining the spoodle all the while by a short lead, but it didn’t stop Archie from wanting to get VERY close to the unfazed birds.

The video ends just before Archie gets to stretch his lead and the holders arm to get much closer to one of the chickens obscured by the shed.

This is where the video ends, no bird was permanently harmed in this ‘experiment’, which was predicted for this very social retriever, however, the spoodle did act purely as programmed.

How does this relate to a dog treat site?  Well, this is a video of a dog doing what comes naturally, what its breed was bred to do.

He had a rare chance to experience this, but daily can eat what he was designed and evolved to eat, meat by way of premium meat treats.

I figure if I can walk my dog daily, and feed him the food that he was actually evolved to eat (MEAT) then it is very likely that he will be the most satisfied and Happy dog alive.

That is why I and he accepts these little challenges to get him to be the best dog he can be.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to our WEBSITE.

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