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Did you know that dog supplies in Australia are NOT about nutrition

The dog nose that sniffs healthy dog treats

The dog nose that sniffs healthy dog treats Dog supplies in Australia online should be about …

Not a trick question. As you can imagine the vast amount of money spent each year in Australia on dogs goes to dog food then second is usually vet bills.  What if the two were connected?

Let’s imagine that your dog barely gets enough essential amino acids because the aafco governing body makes sure that there are way too many mineral and vitamin requirements to ever allow natural food to be classed as dog food (that is any combination of meat and vegetable) …

BUT a very low amount of protein (any protein including poor bio available vegetable matter) so that pet food manufacturers don’t have to put much (expensive) meat in their dog food.

Just let that sit and resonate with you for a while, about how you are getting ripped off … (such low amount of quality meat in your expensive “dog food”.

THEN go to any Dog supplies Australia online store and have a look at the wide variety of dog products you can buy.

THEN work out how much most families spend on their dogs per year (after vet bills and dog food).

Annual spend on dog reports will show you that the vast majority of people don’t spend that much on their dogs besides vets and dog food.  So assuming that to be true, add the  cost of organic shampoos, sparkling dog colours, fancy dog coats and any other paraphernalia to the online shop dog buy categories and you will see “dog treats” hidden amounts the rubbish. And a relatively low spend (except for low nutrient (high sugar and artificial flavour, supermarket treats)

I say rubbish, because if dog food is inadequate in bio available proteins, and the Flax seed Omega 3 oils are not bioavailable  Then the next major regular purchase besides dog food SHOULD be meat based dog treats.

What most online dog supply shops in Australia don’t have

They don’t have any real information, except for some recycled manufacturer guff on the actually product page (you know about how tasty your dog will find it). The largest online dog supply stores are mostly run by corporations who are just pushing bulk product through their pack and send factories.  They don’t have regular blogs with any meaningful information nor do they usually know or care what is in their products. Its all about the money.

To be fair, one of the main reasons that these stores CANT give you any regular or new information about dog treats is that they also specialise in cat products, rat products and any animal under the sun products. Clothes, hats, sunglasses, EVERYTHING but nutrition through meat treats.  Taking dog food and dog treats seriously is not a business proposition for these people, Its only about the mark up and volume.

But if they can out advertise you on Google or facebook,  nobody seems to care or know other dog supply purchase options exist (that are actually vitally important to dog health – not a gimmick). The average consumer has way too many other things going on in their life to research dog food or dog treats, and usually does not walk their dog daily off lead.  If you are reading this you are probably the exception.

If you want to know more about REAL NUTRITION for dogs, read the articles in our Nutrition tab section of this site. Have a look at nutrition tables and understand what the biased aafco tables promote (who runs them and who benefits) its not about the dogs.


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