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Crocodile Hind leg bone dog treats Nutrition, usage.


If you are a dog treat bone fan, you will have your favourites.  They are often based around the type of animal that the bone comes from (ie owners often use something similar to what a dog eats in its regular dog food). Or they try and find something a little different, little larger, little harder.

Please note that since 2019, the croc legs we have had are natural gas oven dried and are a lighter colour than those shown here.  Crocodile dog treats change in size, and colour EVERY harvest !

The fact is that crocodile bones are one of the oldest original meat proteins that your dog will ever eat.  This means that it’s also a very low allergen issue.

There is a little bit of meat left on these bones, but the real bonus is that these bones are the most affordable crocodile bone we stock and coming as a set of two you will have one spare.

The hind bones actually come with an elbow joint, so you actually get two mini bones in the one hind bone, so this pack of two bones means you will actually have four croc bones if you can separate them.


Crocodile leg bones dog treats Crocodile tail bones dog treats 1Kg

Why crocodile Hind  leg dog treat bones are so great

Why would you want to have dog treat bones when you have heard so many bad things about them?

The reality is that dogs in the wild, and wolves desperately needed bones from their prey for their calcium to build their own bones and do the myriad of body functions that use calcium and phosphorous in their bodies.

If you know your dog is very bad with eating bones (ie can easily crack them open and has no regard for their health in the way they eat them, then these might not be for you. With all dog treats, we always suggest you observe how your dog eats them before you walk away.

The very good news for people who own small and medium sized dogs is that these are the smaller of the crocodile fore leg bones that we sell, so they won’t have such a big onerous task in trying to chew them. They will get to chew the meat off the bone, and the ends of the two bones that make up the one leg bone.

We always recommend giving your dog as many different meat sources as possible for dog protein diversity. As dogs are primarily carnivores, in the wild they would have many different animal type options, so giving them only one or two all year round, isn’t providing them with any diversity for them, and so not allowing maximum health options.

These bones are usually around 15 cm long, and fairly compact. We even made a video (below) so you can really get an idea of what they look like in 3D !

Besides all of the great benefits of giving a different animal bone to your dog as a treat is, there are also some great nutritional benefits from the meat they will get off the bone, and from the marrow if you eventually split the bone for them.

Crocodile dog treat Hind leg bone nutrition

  • Sustainable farmed Australian crocodile
  • a unique tasty animal protein source
  • Highly bio available (easily used by the dog internally)
  • High Omega 3 (in the marrow)
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