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Why the convenience of dog treats and dog food matter so much

convenient healthy dog treats

convenient healthy dog treats If anyone were to ask me why I sell healthy dog treats (as opposed to the cheapest mass product high margin grain based treats I can find) .. it is ONLY for the HEALTH of dogs in Australia.

If you feed your dog a raw diet, there is still a chance its not meat based, or that it has the diversity of animal proteins or strength of chews that we can provide. But the truth is that the reason that the majority of dog owners in developed countries buy grain dog food at supermarkets (or online) is that it is VERY convenient (in big bulk bags), relatively cheap (if you buy more basic options).

But there is also the fear campaign that the dog food industry has been running for years.   Fear that if you use anything besides their highly processed pellets your dog won’t be getting ‘whole and complete’ food.  Fear that if good looking vets back their highly processed products – they must be the best, right ?

So what is the driving factor behind buying dog treats? Healthy ones that is.


Why people buy healthy dog treats.

If you browse our testimonial pages, you will see many varied answers. We just cut and paste what people email us, so in this unfiltered form you can see the reasons given are as varied as the types of dogs that eat our treats.

However having studied marketing (which really is a sub-branch of understanding human behaviour, particularly buying behaviour) it soon becomes very easy to understand that people rarely say why they truly buy things (even if they can fully access their subconscious to understand why).

While we like to think that people buy from us purely for their dog’s health, there are compelling reasons to consider that it is also majorly  to:

  • Occupy their dog (chewing time and alleviating boredom) AND
  • Convenience

It would be easier for us to believe our own press and think its because everyone delves into our articles on essential amino acid profiles. But we know that not everyone loves science to that level. We also know that science can be misused by the dog food industry as much to push their agenda.

It can’t really be that much of a stretch to understand that if people buy dog food from supermarkets for its convenience.  That if they can’t get the type of healthy dog treat range (100% meats , offal and bones) for our kinds of prices and service from supermarkets – THEN people buy healthy dog treats from online sites that are convenient to them.

If you haven’t bought from us before, you might wonder how a website could be anywhere near as convenient as a supermarket, when a supermarket allows for instant gratification. But the truth is that no supermarket, and very few physical pet shop stores have the kind of range or price (that we have – because its our core focus).

Our clients also get the convenience (and safety) of knowing if anything goes wrong with a courier delivery, we fix it, no questions. Clients always get what they paid for.

The convenience of having your specific dog type, and dog treat match questions answered is beyond what many stores including pet stores can do.  If we don’t think that your dog is up to the kind of treat you are thinking of buying, we tell you so, and offer other options.

While our prices are extremely competitive, we know just like our clients, that when you want the best product (in any category) price isn’t the only consideration. because after the rush of getting the cheapest product you may want to trust the firm or you may want impartial expert advice.

Convenience is knowing that you are going to get what is advertised. Its not convenient if things go wrong after the purchase and you have to fight with a faceless large corporation to get some answers and satisfaction. Even just honest re-assurance.


I know that I am selling dog treats based on health, on making dogs happier and healthier.

But at the end of day, I know that our major selling point is we make it an easier choice because of our price for premium products and genuine old fashioned, and educated service.

No point selling a lot if you can’t retain those customers. And only exceptional value and convenience brings those people back.

This is the one genuine advantage we hold over many of our larger competitors, we typically have a better range of pure products, and we are extremely easy to deal with.

If its not convenient for you to shop with someone, why would you?

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