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Lucy the cocker spaniel tracking for rabbits in spotswood quarantine. VIDEO

Lucy Super dog

Filmed during the lush green grass of Melbourne Winter. This video shows Lucy the cocker spaniels behaviour in Spotswood quarantine, Australia.

It is a relatively small yard, and the yards mostly back onto an empty field of industrial land. At night time rabbits visit the yards and dig and poop, meaning that during exercise yard times, dogs like Lucy, bred to track smells, has an absolutely great time.

In the clip you will see her survey every  metre of the yard several times over.

You will also see her other dog Coco the grey schnauzer. Because of Lucy’s concentration level you will see that she rarely interacts with Coco. Except to get around him to re-smell a patch of grass.

You will see Coco doing his thing. Bred as farm dogs, unless given a specific task schauzers in small yards like this can be somewhat at a loss as what to do. he didnt like retrieving or smelling and only at the end of a visit did Coco want to be patted. But still the fresh air, and lush grass under his feet gave him a very welcome break from his much smaller concrete pen.

Given other options, Lucy’s repetitive task might be of concern, leading to an obsession. But since these dogs rarely get out of their pens during quarantine stay at Spotswood, allowing them to do what satisfies them most (in this case Lucy tracking) serves an important pressure valve release for Lucy.

At the end of the clip you will see that Lucy has satisfied her urges enough to get her next favourite thing, pats from humans.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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