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Chloe the Boxer dog, having fun in an Australian Park VIDEO

chloe boxer dog

As you will see from this clip Chloe is a remarkably settled boxer dog. Which is even more amazing considering that she lives with the very high energy staffy known as Apache (article and video also on this site).

Chloe is over ten years old and as you will see from her rear leg scare had a large operation a few years ago to successfully remove a malignant growth.

Twice a week we are graced with Chloe’s presence. The first meeting always works out the same. She does these high energy mid air twists and circles for the first few minutes until I can get her car harness on, then she pretty much settles down.

On the walks she is a calming influence. She still loves to explore and meet other dogs but is not dominant or submissive in particular. She has great recall and is just a very valuable member of the pack. The more calm social dogs you have in a pack, the better the overall energy of the pack and likelihood that no games will get out of hand.

Even when Apache the staffy (her co habiting dog) is playing very hard with dogs like Louie (another high energy pup in the pack) Chloe will just go about her business.

She even regularly joins in on our park bench sessions where I get all willing dogs to jump up or be placed on a local park bench for a photo session. The only slight mark on her record is her table manners. Feeding Chloe the boxer dog treats always requires care to keep your finger in check.

I have heard it said, and seen it personally that many breeds of dogs like to stick or play with their own breed, but Chloe doesn’t usually seem overly fascinated when she meets another boxer. She is still in very good physical form easily able to complete any walks we do.

I hope you enjoy this short video tribute I have created of Chloe the boxer dog!

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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