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Can dogs eat fish skin, sure they can, here are the benefits.

Can dogs eat fish skins

Can dogs eat fish skins Dogs can eat fish skin

The real question should probably be about what the benefits are. We sell a lot of fish skins, because they are suitable for all sized dogs, and are a great occupier treat for small to medium sized dogs.

Fish skin dog treats offer great chewing, are 100% natural, low KJ and high fibre – kind of the perfect non-fattening long-lasting treats – and we have three types at the moment – LING, Salmon and Shark skins!

Can dogs eat flake and Hoki – YES

People like seafood- or ‘fish’ dog treats because they are free range (not farmed) and so naturally organic.  They are 100% MEAT typically, and just have a different protein profile to the land-based animals, where some of the amino acids are higher or lower than the other meats. Fish dog treats like land animal meats, are MUCH higher in quality protein than any natural plant matter.

Many types of fish dog treats are very low in fat, making them ideal to dogs on a fat restricted diet.

Surprisingly these seafood questions are typically some of the highest volume searches every month on Google. So people are interested in buy fish treats they just need some reassurance for the first time.

Humans eat flake and sardines, and many people give their dogs canned sardines because they have heard about the Omega 3 benefits. It is true that sardines do have a lot of Omega 3 (GOOD), and a higher level of fat in general than the other fish we sell, but high pressure or temperature ‘cooking’ of sardines as found in cans, can render their nutrition less than slower dried sardine treats we sell.

The biggest confusion seems to be over the mollusc family. IN particularly

Can dogs eat:  Octopus, squid and calamari.

To answer to these questions, the old axiom that if a human can eat a type of meat a DOG can eat that meat, and profess it much better!

We used to sell Octopus until the supplier stopped production because they said it cost too much to make.  And that is why people have now usually diverted their attention to squid (or calamari).

This is typically a very thin and pliable meat, making it easy for you to cut with scissors to give your dog your exact preferred amount per sitting.

When people ask if …

Can dogs eat fish skin s Can dogs eat Mussels?

People also ask if dogs can eat mussels, but the question should be what mussels are the greatest nutrition and arthritis prevention and maintenance mussels on earth. The answer is Green Lipped mussels for NZ.

They are so prized by humans because of these properties imparted mostly from chondroitin and glucosamine, that the KG packs are fairly high cost, but you can always buy small amounts to start with for this miracle healthy dog treat.

Can dogs eat bones – YES

Under adult human supervision.

We have a lot of dog treat bones available and many owners buy them. Some dogs only chew on the ends, some eat the whole bone. If you are at all concerned that your dog will not chew the bone properly and get it stuck in their throat, then don’t buy them.

In a raw dog food diet, bones are the ingredient most used for providing a dog’s natural calcium and phosphorus requirements. Btu for most smaller breed companion dogs on raw diets this is provided by chicken necks or chicken wings.

When a dog’s digestion is working properly and they have crunched down the bone sufficiently before they swallow any pieces, the high acid stomach content completely dissolves the hard material into powdery forms of Calcium and Phosphorus and ash that are easily digestible.

Again, if you know your dog can crack bones in half, and don’t sensibly wait to chew the pieces, it might be better to choose other treats


Some of the CAN MY DOG EAT questions Google searchers have …

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