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Meat based healthy dog treats risked by food insecurity in Australia 2016

The beef price problem in Australia 2016 in one graphNatural beef dog treats in Australia under threat.

As meat prices for humans and dogs increase beyond the average Australian's affordability, its consumption will reduce. But what if that affordability was artificially manipulated by excessive exports of Australian meat?  This article and graphs are about beef dog treats, but they can be extended to most of the main meats in Australia, including lamb, pork and eventually Kangaroo.

What if massive meat and beef price hikes were caused by a few people getting rich from the meat created in Australia because of exporting it? Meat that should be available at reasonable prices for Australians?

THAT IS THE CURRENT ISSUE.  To back up this assumption first see that beef consumption in Australia has not increased much since the 1980's so 'over-consumption' by Australians is not the issue. 

The blue line on the graph below shows that since the mid-1980's our beef consumption has been steady if not declining a little, at 40 Kg per person per year.   

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ROO TENDONS - New product news

roo tendons dog treatsWe now sell roo tendons in 100g, 500g and 1 Kg amounts, FRESH dried treats !

We regularly see Roo tendons sold at various general stores and even on e-bay. But the reality is that even though most of them are a higher in price than we sell them for, these people are after profit, they aren't 'dog people', nor do they have the same duty of care to dogs.

Only stores that specialise in Dog treats - not random pet treats and every other conceivable toy or medicine product, might have any real concern about where they get their treats from and what quality they are. 

There is more to securing quality treats than a random CFO bargaining down the price of a treat from a supplier because they buy in bulk. That CFO has probably never seen a roo tendon in real life, let alone packed an order.

ROO TENDONS - New product news

What this typically means that with so many line items and a massive warehouse to stock all of the NON DOG products that the treats are often much older than what we provide.  If they are the kind of company that orders in treats only after you have ordered them, you will instead get fresh treats a week later than we can send them out to you.  We make sure our order levels of roo tendons are just right to ensure maximum freshness and continual supply.

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Bark for Life - Healthy Dog Treat Sponsor Project 2016

Healthy dog treat sponsor pack Bark for LifeBruce's Healthy Dog Treats gets quite a few requests for sponsorship throughout the year. And sadly we have to say no to most of them because we are a small company competing in a big expensive market.

Recently we said yes to Bark for Life's event on 9 Oct 2016 - because it is in our home state and they are doing a very worthy cause - " honouring the caring qualities of dogs during a human cancer experience. Bark For Life is a chance to recognise and celebrate cancer survivors, patients, and their four-legged carers, to honour and remember loved ones lost to cancer and to raise money to help save more lives. "

And while there are many health benefits for dogs who actually eat a mainly meat diet (being carnivores) there are even articles that suggest a grain heavy diet for carnivores can promote cancers - particularly for elderly dogs. We don't like to take the risk.

Our contribution to the event was relatively small but big to us. We provided over 150 healthy dog treat sample packs for Bark for Life to give to the winners of their various categories.  The reason that it was big for us, is that being meat based treats, the cost from the manufactures to us is a HIGH percentage of the retail price we charge for the meat treats. And this is because they actually include 85% meat or 100% meat as opposed to mostly cheap grain like most dog foods and most treats.

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Dog treat innovations 2016 - are all about the packaging!

dog-treat-innovation-dogIf you look up dog treats and innovations, all you will find is information from the major corporations about how they have made a tasty new recipe of dog food, full of grain.

Or an innovation in dog play toy balls, or in packaging. Innovation awards are usually given by associations trying to make best friends with large corporations, and they act as a magnifier for new product releases by the companies. Hand in glove to sell your pup a dud.

Like human innovation products, it seems that a new package size and new packaging is FAR more important than actually what's inside of the packaging.

And the reason why is simple. If you want to make big money in dog treats, you need to have  very cheap ingredients, because people are willing to spend only so much after they have paid a fortune every month on grain based dog food, in pretty packaging.

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Can kangaroo dog treats help with dog allergies?

dog treats on a dog walk dogsRecently I received this question from a prospective customer:  "My dog has itching allergies and I'm looking for a treat that is healthy and long lasting. Are Kangaroo treats the best way to go?"

This is a common question because there is a lot of misinformation about dog food allergies on the internet. It turns out that food allergies are one of the more rare forms of dog allergy tends to be food allergies.

My own dog has a lot of skin allergies that are environmental and taken care of by extra doses of Omega 3 fish capsules.  These work for many dogs, but not all.  And while dogs that are susceptible to some skin allergies can be more likely to be sensitive to other common allergens, it still doesn't automatically mean that a dog will be allergic to a particular food.

The allergy in dog food allergies is caused by a dogs body over reaction to the protein in a food.  It believes the protein is a threat, like pollen, and swelling and itching on the skin can be a result.

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The value of MEAT BALL dog treats & CRINKLES - HIGH MEAT !

ROO MEAT ball dog treats in 500g sizes!I was recently looking for what the internet considers new dog treat products and of course the internet doesn't know the difference between new and what a page says is new. it also often associates products full of grain and vegetables as new healthy treats. Consider the grain that most dogs already chug down the internet has a lot to answer for.

While we would love to see new meat varieties such as feral animals used in the dog food industry  - licenses and processing of these seem to make their cost prohibitive in Australia.  The more variety of meat your dog can sample from a young age, then throughout their life, the more likely their immunity will be boosted by eating genuinely natural (ie prey orientated) diets.

Why dog meatballs and Crinkles are dog treat winners

The meatball range and Crinkle range we have sold has often been overlooked because they look like dog food or some kind of treat you could buy in the supermarket. And chances are that they were made that way on purpose to get consumer acceptance.  Balls are also exceptionally easy to shape! BUT our products are very different.

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NEW PRODUCT dog bones and FISH dog treats we sell

New product hoki fish dog treatsSince we are mostly restricted by what we can source (we don't actually own any abattoirs) we have found it better to source the best and the most diverse meat based dog treats from as many companies that we can that will provide affordable ongoing options for you and your dog.

Some of our newest dog treats

The newest dog treats in recent times we have begun stocking are extending our bone dog treat range. Our beef bone range now sports some of the biggest bones you will get anywhere (unless you buy whole sides at the butchers and don't mind the mess in leaving large raw bones in the yard). 

While these are fantastic for big dogs we know that most owners of small and medium dogs get very little value of massive bones because they are too hard for smaller dogs to chew and have minimal meat on them.

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Buy Best Dog Supplies at Lowest Prices in Australia | 0402 262 875

dogs waiting for dog-supplies-onlineIt is amazing that when people search for dog supplies online they are often directed to a random site full of random pet products.  Besides dog food, dog treats are probably the major regular item most people buy for their dog.

dog supplies online, cheaply

The issue with the word 'supplies' is it sounds like a fast food kind of thing, like a pipeline or generic products. But chances are, that if you are buying your dog treats from a supermarket or a big pet chain store, you are getting a basic commodity full of wheat or at a higher price than it should cost.

TO them its just supplying a line product to make money - not about the dog.

I am a Pro dog walker by day, meaning I am in constant contact with dogs in the real world. I cherish them for their intelligence and companionship so I want to give them the best nutrition we can in the world.

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Buy Cheap Puppy Treats in Australia

puppy-dog-treats puppy dog huskyThe short answer is anything you hurriedly shove in your trolley at the super market.  Sure they will make your dog go 'crazy', but what about treats that are actually healthy for a developing dog?

What we recommend for your puppy treats

In full detail, we will list important details below. But basically counter to "dog food" maker advice, we recommend meat and meat based dog treats that provide bioavailable essential amino acids from meat protein, and dog treats that encourage chewing for developing teeth.

Dog food manufacturers recommend

Their own product and exclusively using it for at least the first year of your puppy's life. This will deaden its taste buds and reinforce it thinking grain is an ideal dog food.

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Best Dog Training Treats in Australia at Lowest Price| 0402 262 875

best dog training-treatsIt will be no surprise that I recommend meat based dog training treats.

Even if you don't take anything else away from this article, consider that if your dog has a commercial dog food diet, that it is getting 70% grain or veggies and a little meat based dog training treat will help address the balance back towards meat.

Dog Training treat basics

  • It should be something they rarely get
  • they really love & is very smelly
  • is easy to eat
  • is meat based

1          A dog training treat rarity

This is vital for the dog to really appreciate that what it has done deserves something amazing in return. Make the dog work hard to do a great recall, sit stay, or retrieve and besides giving it some great hugs (if it can handle them) - give it the best tasting most exclusive dog treat you can find.

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Why the best dog treats are starting to cost real money

Australian foreign farm ownership Sep2016Everyone knows you get what you pay for, and never more so than with meat based dog treats.

But for a long time the price of meat as the main input ingredient has been stabilised because we mostly grew and fed Australians.

If you want to know why dog treats of any value are starting to cost more, then half the reason is in the image in this blog.  It is true that more of Australia is being owned by overseas companies and with that, they usually make the decision to sell it to their home crowd. Whether they sell it cheaper or dearer than in Australia is irrelevant.

What is relevant is supply and demand curves, meaning less supply locally, More price paid for meat by the dog treat manufactures (those that make meat treats like my suppliers).

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What are the best dog chews, and why

a big dog chew dogThe best dog chews dog treats

The best dog chews are always going to be natural meat based ones. I went into a dog shop today to get a dog harness and was amazed to see a lot of oddly shaped compressed vegetable matter and bonding material in many different colours.

Here's a tip for newbies ...  dog industry companies like to sell you new shiny things that appeal to small kids and adults alike. 

But perfectly shaped compressed puzzles that are green red or any NON brown yellow or black in colour are as unnatural as you will find in the dog world.

They are made from cheap ingredients, massively marked up and sold to the unwitting dog owner.

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Natural dog treats Australia V healthy dog treats

a happy natural dog treat eaterThere is so much poor advertising in every industry in Australia that dog treats are no exception.

Whether you feed your dog a commercial diet or a home-made dog food diet the vast majority of owners feed their dogs a lot more grains, wheats and vegetables than a dog was ever evolved to eat.  Your vet will tell you that its perfectly fine, and of course dogs survive, but our site is about more than survival its about dogs flourishing.

In fact this is why my 'day job' is being a dog walker.  I believe in getting ALL DOGS back to their healthiest state, and that means being well socialised and mostly eating meat. 

I get that the first point is hard time wise and the second point is hard if you buy a commercial dog food - but that is exactly why we sell these meat based treats to the public !

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Why watching a dog eat natural and healthy treats is cathartic

Bull terrier puppy treat loverPeople who love their dogs tend to give their dogs right?  And all of those owners are surely doing their best when it comes to providing proper nutrition, but how do we get it right?

For the vast majority of people who feed their dogs factory dog food (wet or dry) its all about grain or potato in their pellets or cans.  The minority of always going to be 'expensive' meat.  Yet we pay a lot of money for "premium" pellets and "trust" these big faceless factories that mix a little cheap meat into the giant vats.

Even if you dont know the science behind meat, and why meat protein is more digestible and useful for a dog that is 95% carnivore (than cheap grains) just watch a dog eat a meat or meat based product for some answers.

Rather than falling for treat companies that only want to sell you biscuits with different additives min it, or compressed green vegetable matter trying to replicate a bone, why not give your dog the real thing?

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A NEW full roo dogs treat range and why I am excited about it.

Roo-dog-treats-dogI know that the healthiest more organic land based dog treat meat in Australia isn't for everyone.  Not everyone agrees with the Government legislated culls to protect the environment.  Some people are squeamish about certain meats.  However I am here to get the best meat for your dog, and that is what this post is about.

Roo dogs meat is used in exclusion diets at the vets because its one of the meats least likely to trigger an  allergy reaction.  It is very low in fat, and the fat it does have is the fat your dog needs (high in natural Omega 3).  The meat is free from artificial hormones and antibiotics that find their way into most other land based farmed meat we buy for humans and dogs alike.

Saying Kangaroo is the perfect meat and food for your dog is an understatement.

Why we stock a full range of Kangaroo meat based dog treats

Originally when I started my online dog treat store we had difficulty getting anything other than 80% meat based dog treats. While this is up to four times the amount of meat found in many dog foods, many dog owners like to go completely grain free.

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Gourmet dog treats, do you think its all about price or colouring?

Gourmet-dog-treatsI have explored this topic before,  but the same thing keeps popping up on Google. If you have 90% market share you might think there should be some kind of ethical or moral responsibly to results you share, and in fact Google does censor and manipulate many search results to their own end and the governments end.

Yet overwhelmingly the images and sites pulled up by google for 'gourmet dog treats' equate to flour and sugar treats for dogs.  Shouldn't GOURMET mean something that is good for a dog and that they don't normally get?  IF so, then grain would never be gourmet!

I don't completely dismiss wheat flour in a dogs diet, because its mostly 70% worth of all dog foods on the planet, but I question why you would consider more of the same, with even more colouring and additives to be considered gourmet for a dog.

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The dog treats that dog walkers use and recommend

beef liver dog training treatRecently another dog walker sent me a question about what dog treats they should use.

I explained to them that the 'number one'  training dog treat in the world is beef liver, and it is also one of the cheapest.   But more importantly it is very nutritious a 100% offal product.  The reason its used for dog training is that it usually comes in flat sheets that are easy to break off into very small pieces so that you don't have to use a lot to train a dog, and as a dog walker you can feed a whole pack very easily.

The other bonus besides its high health value (and an invariably part of a raw dog diet) is that it is a very odorous treat. Dogs  primary sense is their sense of smell, so having a treat that has such a strong and long lasting smell is an ideal reward for a dog in training.

You will find it here under the beef bulk treats page:

I also told them that I hand out the small pre packed treats to clients for holidays and Christmas as a thank you - but dog owners often go for the large Kg packs and ration it out.  As long as you treat a dog treat as good as you would a human treat - temperature and light controlled in the pantry, it will last a long time.

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Dog food & dog treats - The toxic/ carcinogenic chemical additives to avoid

bad-additives dog foodThe last article looked at additives that are regularly used in dog food or dog treats to either preserve or bind dog food and dog treats together.

We discovered that NO dog food or dog treats should have any flavour additives or sugar added in large quantities to make it edible or more attractive for a dog to eat.  This is just a corporation fooling you and your dog into thinking the dog 'loves' this cocktail of non meat cheap treats in an expensive bag.

However now we look at some of the harsh carcinogenic additives that are banned in many parts of the world, but still find their way into many dog foods and dog treats.

You might be aware that the majority of dog food consumed by dogs in Australia is from imported ingredients from OS companies. 

Even if that country is America, you can't assume that they have banned the additives that they should have, or that the input ingredients are even from America - meaning that the origin country might include additives that America or Australia do not use in the dog food.

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Do you know what additives are in your dog treats?

good-additives dog foodIn the ideal world we would all feed our dogs raw food, and not need any preservatives or additives.  NOTE  100% meat based dog treats have NO preservatives or additives !

The big dog nutrition question should be, what additives are in your dog food? This should be of at least equal importance to you (as what are in your dog treats) since most dogs are going to be eating about 80% plus of their food intake via manufactured dog food. Its probably pretty important that you look at dog food pellets and wet cans first.

There are several classes of dog food additives that are also commonly used in human food.  but the big difference is that human grade food additives are supposed to be safer than dog grade, and that you can eat as many healthy fresh veggies, fruit and quality meat as you like, but most people have NO IDEA of what goes into their dog food, or dog treats. And they feed their dogs 100% man made dog food (non fresh product) which almost always has preservatives and other additives in them.

Below, you may consider that out of all the standard additives there are really three main classes:

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A new preservative for dog food Prot X - is It safe?

protx-preservative-VladimirReukov-AlexeyVertegelIts not often that a whole new preservative for dog food (or human food) is found or created but two guys recently won an award  this year for such a feat.

The main online discussion that seems to be cautioning this is how the preservative is made and how safe it will be.   Because as you will see the antioxidant is created from red blood cells found in animal blood.  If this product becomes mainstream people want assurances that any blood diseases or viruses will not be transmitted with the new preservative.

This will set the scene " Alexey Vertegel and Vladimir Reukov, professors in the bioengineering department and researchers for Clemson's Animal Co-Products Research and Education Center (ACREC), are winners of the 2016 Bisplinghoff Innovation Award by the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation for their creation of a natural antioxidant, Prot-X. Their creation is a clear liquid that will be used in the pet food, as well as the rendering industry."

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Kangaroo and fish dog treats, what colour do you expect?

fish-dog-treatsWhat colour is Kangaroo dog treats

Similar to chicken dog treats, the kangaroo dog treats colour becomes a little bit of a mystery. When you eat kangaroo meat steak at a restaurant it is a brown like cow steak. It becomes darker the longer it is cooked but also will be different colours depending on subspecies. Though only a few roo species are allowed to be culled for human and pet consumption.  Well done steak, either beef or roo ends up almost black because the meat is turning into charcoal.

However you will find almost EVERY treat in the world that is beef or roo (and not 100% meat) will have chicken added to it to extend the size of the treat while maintaining meat content.  If you buy supermarket beef treats sure you might get ONLY beef in it, but the total meat might only be the same as dog food - ie 30%. 

While blackdog and other genuinely healthy dog treat brands will 'subsidise' their more costly meats such as beef and roo with chicken, you are at least getting that magical 80% total meat for bio availability and meat enzymes.

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For Premiumisation & Humanisation treats, Applaws it's all good.

healthy-50percent-meat-dogfoodA recent Euro Monitor report stated that Premiumisation & humanisation were all the latest trends in dog food, and that leading the vanguard was a brand called Applaws.

They are quoted as saying that "“It’s All Good” was promoted as cereal- and grain-free, with free-range chickens providing a high-quality source of protein."

So I thought it would be good to see what the gold standard in premium dog food has in it. 

Their PR says that "Applaws It’s All Good 50 Large Adult"  is .. made with natural ingredients, 50% of which is high quality protein from animal ingredients. This means that the protein comes from poultry with "free run" chicken rather than from cereals or grains. Free Run chicken is chicken that isn’t caged.

However it seems that there is very little difference between free range and free run chickens, and there are almost no nutrition differences.

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Beef or Chicken Dog treat colour, what colour means healthy to you?

beef-dog-treatsAdvertising and marketing are all about image.  They try and align consumer perception with their expectations.  Curiously one the major dog treats snacks in Australia, that has very few redeeming health benefits is mostly just grain colour tan.  They no doubt have a colouring agent in it to stop it being completely bland, but then again their sales are mostly because of slick tv and radio advertising and much less about the actual product in the pack.

This is probably true of most human treats too. But we all have an expectation with chocolate for instance that it is brown, and the darker the brown the more cocoa in it. 

If you don't like the taste of dark chocolate, that is fine, but for people who do, if they can't find a percentage of cocoa on the front cover, they will often look at the photo on the package to assess (mostly wrongly) what strength of cocoa is in their treat.  I say wrongly as again chocolate usually has a whole bunch of additives including colour to fudge perceptions.

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Dog Food - Why 'premium'& 'free range' chickens arent worth it

dogfood-lastest-trendsEuro monitor  gives the latest trend in dog food as " Premiumisation, humanisation and a focus on health and wellness will be the key trends driving dog food sales throughout the forecast period."  The questions you need to ask is:

Is Premiumisation'  just in branding and packaging, or actually more meat and better quality meat in the dog food. Generally the answer is no.

Humanisation is a big red flag. Mostly because humans are omnivores and tend to enjoy processed  food whereas your dog is a carnivore and better off with meat based foods. NOT "human".

In fact its said to be the feeding of dogs table scraps high in fat content that have lead to an outbreak of  pancreatitis and other such 'human' ailments.

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