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Gourmet Dog treats are still meat and NOT Pumpkin Spice !

pumpkin-spice-bad-dog-treatConsidering this is April, you might think this is an April Fools prank, but unfortunately its real. After spearheading a campaign against grains being a major component in dog treats and dog foods, the latest NON MEAT trend for dog treats is soon to hit Australia.

Again well meaning (and bad meaning marketing people) are trying to extend the dubious value of pumpkin spice for human treats to dog treats.

There are many people waiting to make a buck out of your dog, so every NEW TREND should be evaluated carefully to see if it harms your dog, or in the least is neutral (no benefit) to your dog.

I purposely don't load my dog up on any calories or carbs that they dont need, as I need all of their diet room for actual nutrition.  I don't feed my dog as a hobby or something to make me feel warm and nice. I have spent years researching and applying solid carnivore feeding for my carnivore dog.  By the way if you own a domestic dog, it is also 95% carnivore.

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Do dogs have taste buds? Yes! Dog ONLY has 1600 taste buds, but they have specialist MEAT & WATER!

dogs-taste-budsDo dogs have taste buds? A dog's primary sense is its sense of smell. Its hearing is typically better, and its eyesight is just different from ours (restricted colour vision, better night vision).  But since we sell healthy dog treats you might think that a primary concern of ours should be taste.

The reason we have not delved into this a great deal is that dogs are evolved to eat meat. Therefore their smell and taste is prime to detect and enjoy meat. We don't have to worry about disguising or adding anything to our meat products to get your dog onside. But now science for dog's taste also backs up our long held philosophy and theory with science.

Just like humans  "taste buds" are found in small bumps on the top surface of the tongue and are on bumps known as "papillae."  There are also taste buds on the soft roof of the mouth (palate) and the back of the mouth near the throat ("epiglottis" and the "pharynx").  But its the extra tast buds that dogs have that is the most exciting discovery ...

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Cheap Beef Jerky dog treats in Australia

beef-jerky-dog treatsToday I was reviewing dog treat news and an article from the UK was making the point that some dog treats were now costing more than a kilo of prime steak from " top class butcher,"  See the quotes in the Appendix below.

They compared a " liver dog treats (that) costs £3.99 for a 40g packet" with the cost of prime human beef steak per kg.

At current exchange rates ( x 1.62) that means the dog treat is  $6.54 AUD per 40 g. or   $24.52  per  150 g.  You might be happy to know that our 150g bag of beef liver dog treats costs $5.39 per 150g bag, in March 2017, or 21% of their UK equivalent!

I have a fairly strong view that they cherry picked that dog treat from a high end store in a high end suburb, or at least from a convenience store somewhere. But the reality is that you are not comparing steak with steak when you do a random 'one off' sample like this.

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Dog Treat bones and the search engines Alternative facts.

Alternative dog treat bones are fakeHere's the thing. Since most people under 20 have been raised on search engines, many of our population believe the results that turn up. After all browser companies spend millions on making searches more relevant.

So how is it that at the top of a search for "bones dog treats" we get five images of everything EXCEPT a REAL dog treat bone?

Alternative facts and dog bone treat in Australia.

Have we become so Americanised that we can't even tell a real bone from an animal when we see one?  Sure our dog food is full of grain, but if something is advertised as a BONE, shouldn't it be A BONE? 

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No More Doggie Junk Food, just natural & healthy dog treats

healthy-dogs-playingEventually owners who find our site, slowly learn the truth that many dog treats are not even fit to be used as low grade dog food.  We at Healthy Dog Treats believe that a REAL DOG TREAT is one that is healthier than dog food.  This is generally easy considering the very low meat component in most other company dog treats.

We occasionally scan the net for "alternative truths" about dog food and dog treats, and we often find them on the home page disguised as 'dog health articles' or breakthrough news. A good example is a quote: "The ones I find most tempting ..  a combination of cinnamon, oats, and honey, baked into a crunchy cookie"

Advertisers are clever in knowing that most humans can't tell a herbivore from a carnivore (your dog).  They then transport you to the 1950's America where grandma is cooking you a fresh batch of cookies that you are sharing with your beloved dog.  Fast forward to the 21st century where most non corporate dog health sources realise that dogs are carnivores and so should be fed mainly meat.

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PRESS RELEASE - The little Melbourne Dog Treat Company that broke the mould.

healthy dog treat customersMaybe its because I come from a small outback town (Broken Hill). But my core values of life and business have always been integrity, honesty and providing unprecedented value and service ... along with dog treats.

Its been a long time since I lived in my hometown but I still believe in value for money. Now that I work exclusively in the dog industry (i am a pro dog walker and dog treat retailer) I have used my engineering background to analyse and sell the dog species what it evolved to eat, MEAT. I also believe in old fashioned service, so that is why our online store is more like a corner shop than an soulless warehouse.

This press release is about letting the world know that the small players still have something to offer the world. Something the big players can't or don't want to do.

The main reason that we are different is that we are small, focussed and give advice based on dog needs not on product that we want to push. When you call us, you don't get a pimply school kid who would rather not be working there, or a manager who knows nothing about the actual dog treats. You get the owner, me.

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Kangaroo jerky dog treats - Why the experience is as good as its healthiness.

kangaroo jerky-dog-eatingAny healthy dog treat fan knows that Kangaroo Jerky is just about the healthiest dog treat ever.  

kangaroo Jerky is High in Omega 3 (the healthy fats) and one of the cleanest meats and proteins around (organic if they don't eat from non organic farmer properties).

Of course the meat is 100% Australian, and we are 100% Australian (owned and operated)  but what you should really know about this hypo allergenic meat is the EXPERIENCE of a dog eating it.  

Great that its healthy, but this is why your dog loves the PROCESS too.

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Roo Tendons V Roo Cartilage dog treats 'The big debate' which is best?

Roo-tendon-v-roo-cartilage-dog-treatIts hard to play favorite with your children, and I get the same inclination with Kangaroo dog treats.

If you look at the photo in this article, you will see that side by side, Kangaroo tendons, and Kangaroo cartilage has a lot of physical similarities.

And of course they share the benefits that most kangaroo dog treats have:

  • Organic Roo meat protein
  • Good animal fats, including Omega 3 (CLA's)
  • Long chewing for small to medium dogs
  • No preservatives or additives, just dried.
  • No fillers, 100% pure Roo product

Roo Tendons V  Roo Cartilage  - what is the difference?

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Can dogs eat beef jerky with cheap price compared to human treats?

archie-dog-eating-healthy-beef-jerky-dog treatON a recent visit to a shop, we came across a well presented pack of human beef Jerky. It was priced at $12 per 85 grams which is the same price they sell it for on the manufacturer's website. This article is not against human jerky, but it raises the point of how good a deal you are getting, even with the sample pack size price.

There is a good chance that this is about the right price in the market for human grade beef jerky, but it begs the question how you as a dog owner can get our beef jerky dog treats so cheap.

$ g $/g
Healthy Dog Treats Beef Jerky 5.95 100 0.060
Human Beef Jerky 12 85 0.141

The human grade beef jerky ingredients has:  Topside Beef minus The Fat + Spices (chilli, lemon and garlic). Ours dog treat beef jerky 100% natural

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What to do when an older dog goes off their food? Try healthy naturally attractive treats!

senior-older-dogOlder dogs often show disinterest in their dog food.  They just can't be bothered chewing grain any more.  There are things that you can do to both increase their appetite and keep them in general better health.

Dogs disinterest in food.

While some dogs maintain a healthy interests in food, the lack of exercise and physiological changes can make a dog avoid food and become too thin.  They are also missing out on vital nutrients which will harm their health.

Commercial dog food made of grain that is crushed (so they can access some of the nutrition), but it is also heat treated and has sugar, salt, and oil added to make it artificially palatable. The average dog would never eat the raw grain of its own choice.  Perhaps a dog getting old and avoiding commercial dog food is just wisdom? 

Whatever your take on it, many old dogs prefer raw or cooked meat products and if you use a more fatty cut of meat you can assist an underweight dog in gaining sufficient weight, because they naturally like the taste of animals and its the world's most natural food for a dog. If you are concerned about feeding raw, then properly processed 100% or 80% meat dog treats are your solution.

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'Miracle' healthy dog treats for older / mature dogs. shark cartilage, roo tendons, fish skins ...

mature-dogDog treats and dog food supplements

The typical things that almost every dog deals with when it gets older is "Behavioural changes". These can range from anything like limited motion and pain from arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, disturbances to sleep,  as well as eye sight and hearing issues. 

There are no miracle cures for these things but some natural chemicals have been found to assist prevention. In particular if you are an older dog and you have read the above information you will be aware that decreasing energy intake, keeping the protein the same or greater (and preferably meat protein) and possibly reducing fat (because of its energy value) as well as increasing fibre are the goals.

And that pretty much describes our animal based long chewing dog treats.

Several such treats are a direct match for an older dogs supplement: Shark Cartilage, roo tendons and fish skins. And here is why.

They are low fat, and the fat they have is typically the good fat, OMEGA 3.  They have relatively low energy values (in particular shark cartilage and fish skins) - because they are more about fibre and long chewing. 

If your dog doesn't have any chewing power then these treats can be a little problematic, but I know of a few 15 year old Chihuahuas who still enjoy a roo tendon that becomes an all day treat for them.  You can also cut the treats into smaller pieces so they dont miss outor add water 

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The best food solution for obese dogs? Part two

Kooper loves a healthy dog treatFeed your dog up to 25% of their dog food diet with 100% natural long chew dog treats.  Science articles (written by dog food companies) reveal that you can do a 25% swap by weight without destroying the overinflated aafco nutrition guidelines.

Your dog is programmed to be hungry (lack of natural environment/ boredom etc) and want more of the unnatural grain diet, but it won't make them satisfied until they are fat (that's how it works with most dogs). 

You can either select bones ( a great choice of your dog can't get to the marrow) or any long lasting treat (MEAT) because the dog is earning its kilojoules and satisfying a primal urge to rip and chew.  If your dog is obese, lots of pig treats may not be ideal because of the higher level of saturated fat that more easily gets converted to dog fat than beef or chicken.

If you are super conscientious and you what your dog to enjoy more treats, then low fat options like our kangaroo range and fish range are ideal. Not only are they generally about 4% versus 10% but your dog will usually be getting a meat protein they don't regularly eat, and diversity (in meat protein) is one of the keys to good dog health.

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Why eating Dog treats is good for obese dogs

archie dogThis is something that most dog food companies and many dogs treat companies would steer 180 degrees away from. Telling people that dogs can get fat !

In fact the sole purpose of dog food is being a profit centre and grain delivery system. You might think that its all about vets providing you with optimum health, but if that was true, your dog would only be eating meat. But there is a valid reason why obese dogs can benefit from healthy (low fat, long lasting) dog treats.

I write this article after returning from the vet who suggested that my dog should lose a  kilo or two.  He is a nine year old spoodle and this is the age when many dogs suffer arthritis and joint issues and excess weight only compounds this.

Now you might be thinking as a seller of the world's best dog treats its inevitable that my dog would get fat. But the reality is that he has been the same weight for about five years,  21 Kg. And since he walks off lead twice a day mostly, he has adequate exercise. But yes, 1-2 Kg is his new year's resolution, mine is greater.

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Healthy, low fat, bundled dog treats - ask for NO VEGGIES !

octopus-dogtreatYou might have guessed that I am not a fan of grain or vegetables in a carnivore domestic dogs diet. You may have viewed some of the science articles in bio-availability, evolution and a dogs digestive system that prove to 3% of the population that 97% percent of people are under some kind or MATRIX dream reality created by the big dog food manufacturers.

With that kind of statistic about who feeds their dogs anything but commercial dog food, you might think that this theory is incorrect.  You might also be amazed that maybe only 10% or less of that 3 % of 'raw feeders' feed dogs exclusively meat and animal products.  That means less than 1% of dogs in Australia get a genuine species appropriate daily meal. MUCH Less than 40,000 dogs across Australia regularly eat meat as their main food component.

The thing that is hardest for people and most confusing is why vets go on tv or have their shops stacked with grain based dog food?  Surely they have spent years analysing what is best for a dogs health, but the reality is they are a business and vet schools don't spend a long time on dog nutrition.

Personally, I would rather they know about dog diseases and surgery anyway. Did you know that they are often sponsored by dog food companies and at the end of the day, dogs are a business to them.

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What are the difference between dog food, dog treats, dingo diet, and dogs diet?

dingo-wolf-blogdog-evolutionRecently on TV in Melbourne I saw a person from a dingo rescue group advocating that they make great pets, that they aren't bad around children etc etc. Some of that might seem like a revelation to you, but I was most surprised by his view on the dingo diet and the companion dog diet.

Essentially he said that dingos are a natural wild dog and need mostly a natural diet. BUT then he said you should not feed them dog food, because they can't process it and dog food is too full of fillers and is too processed.  

Ironically this is what I and many raw feeders and science journals on bio-availability (that I have analyzed in previous articles on my site( have said for decades about why a domestic dog HAS to have a natural meat-based diet, to be really healthy.

Sometimes its like special interest groups want to keep the gateway open to dog food sponsorship so they won't rock the boat.  However, If you look at the first image in this article and an analysis of other dingos dietary information quoted below. you should find that the dingo and domestic dog are incredibly similar in nutrition needs.

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Healthy dog treats - Learning from our customer's thoughts on smells.

happy-dogLarge corporations like to hide their mistakes and any concern that customers raise in case it goes viral. However, at healthy dog treats, we like to think that every customer interaction is a learning lesson (for us and them), and sometimes highlights what we need to do in furthering the education of our customers.

I will give you the learning lesson up front.  We sell meat based dog treats. REAL MEAT. Real meat has meat types of odour, and because the jerkies and the like are 100% meat, they have a concentrated smell (ie the 75% water content has been extracted increasing the smell by 3 - 4 times).

Many people may find the smell of fish products etc objectionable, because they have sensitive noses, but for a dog, this is usually a sign that they are getting the real thing, As opposed to a faked dog treat (bag of wheat) with artificial meat and flavour.  If you don't like the smell of real meat ... then you may need to hold your nose will feeding your dog the greatest healthy dog treats on earth (what we sell). 

Here are some of the 'interesting' comments we have received and what we think is actually happening:

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Merry Christmas and goodwill to all dogs and owners !

dogs-enjoying-healthy-dog-treatsWhat to get your dog for Christmas.

This is such a vexing problem for many owners around Australia. Of course in my home that isn't very hard, as with daily off lead walks and full access to a range of different meats for my dogs main meal and dog treats, he has Christmas all year round.

So what do you buy your dog, dog treat wise for Christmas?

I get many calls through from people asking me about what they can give their dogs.  They name the breed, age and general preferences but here's the thing.

If your dog is feed on commercial dog food, they are most likely getting a small percentage of chicken or beef in their main daily meal.  So small that in fact the oil, salt, sugar, flavour enhancers etc are likely to massively overwhelm what the natural taste of the meat is anyway.

In a way this is good, as you can start with a clean slate.  Be aware that if you go from 20% meat dog food to 100% meat dog food, or 100% meat dog treats, your dog's digestion will usually take time to adjust to what it was always meant to eat.  And that means that their stomachs may not digest everything immediately leading to some flatulence, at least in the short term.

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Why your dog is now like Pandas and cows - bio-availability ..

panda not a dogMost people dont get the importance of bio availablity for a dog.  They think its just a hipster term. We would much rather just go to the supermarket and pick up a sack of wheat for our carnivore dog. Its convenient and the price is right.

So at Healthy Dog treats we look at novel ways of getting the message across that carnivore dogs do much better on meat.

The fact that I put the word carnivore in the above sentence might give you a hint as to a dogs food preference but its also an evolutionary mandate.

Just because you feed steak to a cow for 10,000 years, would not make it a carnivore. For a similar reason, progressively adding more grain to a dogs diet (because its cheap) doesnt make it a herbivore.

People like to think that dogs are omnivores, but just because a dog doesn't get immediately sick by being fed a mainly grain diet, doesn't meant that this isnt doing the dog damage. Read the quotes from the science article below if you still doubt this.

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The day that supermarkets took over dog treats in Australia

happy meat based dog treat dogIt won't surprise may of you that the two main supermarkets in Australia sell about 80% of all food in Australia. With that kind of supplier power concentration, its easy to understand how farmers have had their profits cut to the bone.  Sadly not content with ruining the dairy industry, the two players are now trying to dominate the online dog treat world.

The don't do a lot of their own brand product at the moment - that will happen after they have used other companies with very low prices to soften up the market.

However what you should always remember when you buy dog treats from a super market online or at the checkout, is that they are there to make their shareholders rich, not provide customers with the best products.

If you have a problem with their service or product you are going to have to email your complaint that will usually sit in an in-tray at corporate head office for a long time until some junior person with no authority gets around to it. And their goal is to have you go away quietly, not try and solve the problem so you get the most value.

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Why dental stick dog treats are one of the largest sellers in online auction stores

A meat treat based dogI  was curious as to what one of the biggest global online auction and direct sales sites might say was their best dog treats. I thought I might find some natural dog treats, some healthy dog treats, something made from meat. But unnaturally, no.

Some retailers sell these kinds of single ingredient products on this site, but only ONE treat made it into their top TWENTY best selling dog treats.

Perhaps it was because this was a dot com and mostly reflected American buying habits for their dogs, but I imagine that its a first world issue. That is, includes Australia as a bad trend too.

You know when a dog treat is bogus when they give it a marketing name rather than any kind of natural name. And it appears that from many different sellers that fake 'dental' sticks are one of the biggest sellers.

This should not be surprising as they massively overcharge for these at supermarkets and vets in Australia (considering the poor quality of ingredients in them). But can you excuse this from global dog treat manufacturers when they actually have the buying power to do much better (ie use meat)?

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Why 2016 is the best year for buying dog treats ever !

2016 dog treat sales trend AustraliaAs I sell healthy dog treats for a living I was wondering how the market was doing.

I put a few graphs together in the last post and explained how there is even a vague weekday trend to when people buy treats but this article looks at what the pattern for people buying dog treats online means relative to the last four years.

The graph below is from Google (Australia) data from 2012 to Oct 2016  for the term "dog treats" which is the main term in the dog treat category as far as volumes go. 

As Google has over 80% market share of all browser searches in Australia, this is a good indication of what is happening in dog treats in Australia.

Even if only NEW people to the market people with a new dog, or people who have never bought treats before are putting in the keywords "dog Treats" that is fine, they are representative of the growth of the market in general or maybe even a forecast of how the market will be.

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Pigs Ears Dog Treats

pigs-ears dog treatsYou are either a pigspigs ear dog treat fan or you are not.

By fan, I mean that this dog treat serves a great purpose for your dog.

Do you know that there are many purposes for pig's ear dog treats that my clients use?

And they use us because we are reliable quality and genuine care for dogs - we are not just a random online dog clearance store.

Below you will find the many reasons for giving your dogs pigs ears, and how to buy some very competitively priced pigs ear dog treats from us!

You can either buy in smaller packs or packs of TEN for bulk savings.

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When do people buy dog treats - by day and month in Australia, Google data 2016

dogtreat trends-2016I have read many articles explaining how you shouldn't feed dogs much more in winter because they are sedate, but that is only true if you don't walk them. I then read from science journals how hunting dogs and any dogs that are regularly exposed to colder winter weather can increase food intake needs by up to 30%.

And that is because a dogs metabolism increases dramatically in colder weather to increase body temperature to keep the cold at bay.

There are special retail data organisations that charge a fortune to get dog food sales data, but they would have difficulty gaining proper dog treat information.

This is because we suspect that mostly low quality dog treats are sold in super markets and a good percentage of the dog treat buying is done online these days. IN the following analysis we show which days of the week and which months of the year are the biggest dog treat buy days.

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Rawhide dog treats are no longer Natural

long-dog-chewsYou might have recently read about why rawhide dog treats are now considered bad for dogs but till still see many dog treat shops still selling them including supermarkets and dog stores.

But there are actually real natural dog treat alternatives - read on.

What is raw hide

Raw hide is essentially poor quality leather. It is usually the inner layer of cow or horse hides which is then cleaned cut ground and pressed together.  Like dog food (boring grain) raw hide usually has artificial flavours added to make it appealing.

The main original function of it was to provide a dog something to chew besides the furniture

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