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LIST of the best summer dog treats for your dog!


good-summer-dog-treats As we head to Christmas, It literally becomes the ‘silly season’ for owners buying things for their dogs. And General entertainment blogs decide to showcase as many crazy ideas about what great novel dog treats should be for dogs in summer. Aimed at the human brain, and images, not what dogs need.

When you realise your dog is mostly a carnivore and hardly gets any meat in most commercial dog food, you might realise the ONLY dog treats they should have should be MEAT.  Once you are over that hurdle, if you want to stick to the true diet of dogs in the wild you would give them a seasonal variation.

As bad as that might sound, in summer, dogs in the wild (and wolves) would have a chance to pick up a lot of juvenile animals (spring born prey) from much larger prey that they might have difficulty catching.

In your Australian suburb you might consider mixing their diet up with fresh fish (salmon mate in spring), or small rabbits, or any kind of meat that you may not easily get access to in winter.


Introducing novel meat dog treats

When a dog has a suspected food allergy rasp test (skin prick) are not concussive) so they always test on a very restricted diet for 8 weeks or so. This diet is usually one Novel meat and one novel carb. That is something that a dog has not eaten or eaten very little of before, with the idea that if you give something hypoallergenic and the dog recovers, then it was something in the previous dog food that they were allergic to.

Why wait for your dog to be allergic before giving it organic or ‘novel’ meat treats?

If you are buying dog treats from our store you might consider any of the more exotic kangaroo or fish treats that you have looked at, but wondered if your dog would like them. They are 100% healthy, but if you have a finicky eater, why not buy a few different species in the sample pack sizes to test your theories.

Some people decide to freeze bones overnight so that they provide a cool relief for the dogs left at home or outside during summer.

Since most of our treats are dried and slow oven ‘cooked’ they have very little moisture content so freezing will not be maintained for long when the meat based jerkies etc are given to dogs, so that has little extra value.

The basics of our treats are as pure and simple as possible.  Jerkies are just thin strips of meat, dried at the right temp for the right amount of time. You can do this in your own home but will need a fair bit of experimentation if you want to make anything that is going to be chewie and not too dry or damp (so that it lasts).

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