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best food for dogs, what is it?

best dog food dogs drinking

best dog food dogs drinking Best dog food and why don’t people feed dogs raw meat anymore?

 As I was reaching into the almost empty freezer section today for my dog’s food, I was wondering why I was feeding him this way. See I know that raw meat offal and bones are better nutrition than any dog on a human dog food pellet regime, but it has to be more than that.


Some people feed their dogs raw (even vegetables) because they think they are getting closer to their dog, and that is fine for them. Whatever gets them over the line.  If it is raw meat and they get all the vitamins and omega 3 and 6 as well, then tremendous.

The only reason I had pause to think about this best dog food diet is that it takes a little effort once a month to go to the bulk butcher and then cut up and bag my dog’s meat food.

Then each night I need to work out if I have defrosted his raw food, do I have enough? I have to cut it in chunks (because he has a soft retriever mouth and it is better for his digestion. I have to spend time thinking and doing my dog’s food.

THIS is I think the primary reason (besides celebrity vets on TV making money off your dog) that I think most people don’t even consider making the most natural and nutritious food for their dogs.

Sure if you know nothing about nutrition for dogs, and you don’t want to research it, it is easier to buy 10-20 kg of wheat or rice at your local supermarket (branded as ultimate, supreme, optimum or whatever) but that is pure fiction. That is the advertising and marketing departments joke –  not guidelines from an actual DOG nutritionist who doesn’t make money from selling your dog pellets and grains, or their special supplement mix.

Yes from time to time I think it is a pain that I have to spend time making my dog’s food, Even though it is infinitely better for him than the grain force fed diet that most people have gone to.

It isn’t just that I am a dog walker that I do this, many dog walkers feed their dogs exclusively grains (with a small fraction of meat)

I meet people who are genuinely concerned for their dog’s welfare, realise that meat is a much better way to go, but vets who sell grain to them convince them that they are too stupid to work it out on their own end up convinced it is the ONLY dog food. How do you think that dogs magically devolved (in 20,000 years) from being a carnivore because we have fed them a few scraps of non meat?

All that I can say to these (98% of dog owners) people that feed their dogs something from a factory from America, China or Australia, is that if that is what you have to do, then keep on doing it. But please consider also supplementing your dog with real raw meat from time to time, or REAL meat dog treats, as sold on this site.

Meat based dog treats are not just a fad, not just a luxury item. They are a necessity for any dog feed on a manufactured dog food diet (with under 50% meat in it).

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