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Buy the best Christmas dog treats online? Step inside

Best Christmas dog treats online, waiting ...

Best Christmas dog treats online, waiting ... When we began selling dog treats, we realised that very few companies sold mainly 100% meat dog treats like us – the source cost is just too high for many – hence the proliferation of grain filled dross, in pretty packaging.

We also found that most companies will mark their grain products up massively, then do you a favour by discounting temporarily around a major holiday period. Of course the discounting still allows for plenty of profit and gets you to dog hooked to more grain.

Every day of the year we have a bundled selection of treats in our SPECIALS category that is presently discounted below their individual discounted sample and bulk pack prices.

Best Christmas dog treats online

How can we possibly claim this?

1.  The best Christmas dog treats are those that make an amazing Christmas present for your dog, provide the best nutrition your dog will ever know and don’t break the bank. That’s us, Bruce’s Healthy Dog Treats.

2.  These dog treats are mid heat dried.  Freeze drying and high temp drying (like dog food) massively reduce the nutrition value of dog treats or dog food – ours are dried at the right level to keep nutrition and keep the treats safe.


3.  The input ingredient for the vast majority of our product is meat or offal. No grain filler.  As meat is usually about 75% water, and most water is removed during the drying process,1 Kg of OUR dog treats are more like 3 Kg of raw meat product equivalent. This means that the majority of our 100% meat treats like the jerkies are about the same price or cheaper than premium (70% grain) commercial dog food.  So yes, the concentration means that you are getting exceptional value and your dog doesn’t need to be fed a lot in one sitting to give benefit.

4.  The ‘online’ part of the equation, means that you can check our quality and price against any competitor in physical chain stores or online, and we are still likely to provide the most extensive, fresh, quality at affordable prices all year round, not just Christmas.

5.  For people just trailing meat dog treats for the first time for their own dog, or as a gift to a friend’s dog, Christmas is often the perfect time to give the gift of health and nutrition. It mightn’t be something that an owner has bought in the past, or even considered, but given the above facts, its an opportunity hard to walk past.

6.  You can either buy the permanently discounted bundled treats on our Specials category or our regular affordable range across our entire site.  Buy from us once and you are on our weekly coupon discount newsletter until you unsubscribe.

These are but a few of the big reasons why you can buy with your heart and your head at Christmas time for your dogs and rest assured of getting more than you expected.

Our site is Christmas for your dog, all year round. So please consider buying Christmas dog treats online, right here, right now.

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