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Beef Puff dog treat OFFAL-ly good – includes VIDEO

Beef Puff dog treat

Beef Puff dog treat

Beef puff dog treats are a treat often overlooked, but that is often because of the lack of knowledge about what it is, its benefits and in particular its high nutrient value.

Beef Puff Dog Treats – MAIN BENEFITS

Beef puffs are simply dried cow lung. The reason that many people might not know about it is because it is relatively rare and not sold everywhere. Some other store owners may be squeamish about using lung, or simply not know about it.

Simply, the truth is that they are an inexpensive nutritional product suited for all dogs.

DOG TYPE- Beef Puffs are easy to eat because of there regular meat-like nutrition. This means that they are a valuable source of animal protein for puppies through to senior dogs. It is even great for dogs with hardly any jaw pressure because they can still crunch down on these treats and enjoy the primal rush of eating animal treats

If we break it down the nutritional value food chain it goes

  1. Meat
  2. Bones
  3. Vegetables and Other Natural Sources
  4. Carbs

Primary meat cuts and bones are more highly regarded by big companies because they can provide all of the nutrients a dog needs than standard offal sources and usually come in larger quantities. However, beef puffs provide all the nutrients a dog or wolf will need in a lower density snack than primary meat cuts or bones.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog carbs because they are high caloric and reduce the amount of other nutritional sources that you could provide your dog with. Beef Puff Dog Treats are a better dog treat than carb loaded dog treats because any age or dog size is able to consume this treat.

Beef puffs are actually made from the same cut as beef cubes. The main difference between them is how the meat is processed. Beef cubes are cut into small cube shapes which causes them to be compact and dense where is beef puffs are cut along the lungs veins long ways. This means because of the easier manufacturing process and drying, that beef puff pieces tend to be a cheaper for the dog owner to buy.

Both dog treats actually supply the same nutrition value, the beef puffs are a more airy snack which means any dog with any chewing ability is able to eat them. Although it is offal its density is more like muscle meat; thus, they can eat more of it without it being too rich or potentially getting loose stools due to the nutrition density being much lower.

Overview Beef Puff Dog Treats – PROs v CONs


  • Cow lung in this form can easily be pulled apart by the owner for consistent feeding amounts.
  • Beef puffs have been seared before packaging to create a crunchy outer layer, but any dog can crunch them down because of the lower density.
  • Beef puffs low density but higher nutrition value means they can eat more beef puffs without getting too full.


Like most of our animal-based treats, there are few cons, compared to ANY vegetable-based treats.

  • Storing the treats long term (i.e. over a year) is the only con that may affect the beef puffs dog treats as they may become crumbly. But this is rarely an issue due to them being one of dogs favourite snacks.


This is a real underdog dog treat in the market. The meat is a similar nutritional value to beef jerky but is cheaper and can be bought in much larger volume.

It is very easy to eat and has a great crunch in the process of being eaten giving even the most senior dogs, the joy of the primal natural crunch.

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