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Bark for Life – Healthy Dog Treat Sponsor Project 2016

Healthy dog treat sponsor pack Bark for Life

Healthy dog treat sponsor pack Bark for Life Bruce’s Healthy Dog Treats gets quite a few requests for sponsorship throughout the year. And sadly we have to say no to most of them because we are a small company competing in a big expensive market.

Recently we said yes to Bark for Life’s event on 9 Oct 2016 – because it is in our home state and they are doing a very worthy cause – ” honouring the caring qualities of dogs during a human cancer experience. Bark For Life is a chance to recognise and celebrate cancer survivors, patients, and their four-legged carers, to honour and remember loved ones lost to cancer and to raise money to help save more lives. ”

And while there are many health benefits for dogs who actually eat a mainly meat diet (being carnivores) there are even articles that suggest a grain heavy diet for carnivores can promote cancers – particularly for elderly dogs. We don’t like to take the risk.

Our contribution to the event was relatively small but big to us. We provided over 150 healthy dogs treat sample packs for Bark for Life to give to the winners of their various categories.  The reason that it was big for us, is that being meat based treats, the cost from the manufactures to us is a HIGH percentage of the retail price we charge for the meat treats. And this is because they actually include 85% meat or 100% meat as opposed to mostly cheap grain like most dog foods and most treats.

Unlike the big retailers though, we are unable to get our health benefits of meat based treats through to consumers via massive TV and mass media advertising. So for the vast majority of people, they will believe the paid VETS that spruik the grain based diet is “ideal” or optimum for dogs.  Curious that herbivores are not fed meat though?  The main reason of course is meat is expensive, so best that large companies don’t buy it and give it to the carnivore dogs!

What was in the sample healthy dog treat bags and why

  • Shark Cartilage 100% – low fat, high fibre, Calcium, glucosamine, great teeth cleaning etc
  • Roo Stick – Very soft 85% meat treat that any age dog can eat
  • Duck Jerky – nearly 100% duck – a nice protein change from chicken
  • Roo meatballs and chicken meatballs – 85% meat based, good for a general treat, reward, training etc
  • Beef mini biscuits – includes real beef, just not “beef flavour”

Our online store has nearly 200 treats (some are the same treat in three different sizes to allow for higher discount). So the sample bag was only a tiny fraction of what we can provide.

The common denominator is that except for the biscuits the treats are all very high meat percentage or offal.

I personally mostly provide my dog with the 100% meat based treats, for nutrition, teeth cleaning etc, but that is my preference.  Even at 85% (most other treats besides 100%) are 3 times what dogs get in most dog food.

It is a shame that not everyone got to try our roo jerky, roo tendons or bully sticks, but then again not everyone will understand the incredible value of these to their dogs. It seems that our job is more about the education of the market than selling these days. And unfortunately, that is a reason why we are unable to sponsor more than we do. If people don’t understand the value of meat based treats, they will continue buying supermarket treats and our sponsorship deals typically give us zero return.  Fine if we were a charity, but to keep selling treats, one day we need to make a return.

We hope that anyone who does stumble across our sample packs does a little research on the topic of meat based treats and dog food for dogs, before dismissing the most natural concept on earth.

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