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Why you should be including Chicken Breast dog treats in your dog’s diet?

Aussie chicken breast dog treat

Aussie chicken breast dog treat

Chicken is a staple ingredient in both humans and dogs diets. For dogs, it is in almost every commercial dog food and in many mixed treats. However most commercial dog foods typically only have 40% meat so it is always a good idea add chicken breast dog treats to their diet.

DOG TYPE – This treat is suitable for every dog. The chicken pieces are fairly large, so they are a suitable treat for medium and large dogs to chew on. However, you can also cut down these treats for smaller dogs or if you want to use them for training purposes with your larger dog. Additionally, this may be more suitable for smaller dogs because it is much softer than beef or kangaroo jerky pieces.

Aussie chicken breast dog TREAT MAIN BENEFITS

Unless your dog has a specific chicken allergy, the more you give them the happier they will be.  Many retrievers (water and bird dogs) were genetically bred to hunt, retrieve or eat birds and/ or chicken.

As much of the fat in chicken is in the skin, these skinless chicken fillet pieces keep fat level at around 10% – which is probably similar to most other dog foods.  But of course, chicken is meat based, so it is more absorb-able (than veggies) and much easier for your dog to digest. Some of chicken breasts uses include boosting a dog’s immune system and generating new cells to build muscle or grow hair.



  • A relatively cheap high meat and protein percentage chicken dog treat.
  • Great for supplementing commercial dog food to top up the vegetable protein with quality meat-based protein.


  • Chicken is a common allergy in some dogs so please check first that your dog does not have an allergy to chicken before giving them this treat.
  • The only other issue is that almost every chicken breast treat on the market has a small amount of soy added to assist in the manufacturing process and to keep the treat safe, and to stop it crumbling apart during transport and storage. However, both of the chicken breast treats we stock (Blackdog Chicken and the Aussie Chicken breast seen in the video on this page) only have a small amount of soy added (a few percent max).


If your dog can’t get enough chicken, then we have the perfect solution.

Remember that as this is cooked and dried it probably has around 10% water, so it’s an energy rich dog treat.  Typically, it matches commercial dog food gram for gram, so if you are going to use this in your dog’s diet, remember to remove some kibble to maintain your dog’s weight.

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