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Apache English Staffordshire Terrier on dog walks. VIDEO

Apache English Staffordshire Terrier

A curious thing happens when you start talking staffys. It really seems to divide the dog lover camps. Many owners of staffy’s will tell you their dogs are sweet as apple pie, would never hurt a fly etc. Other people, dog owners and non dog owners will tell you the opposite. As usual the truth lies somewhere in-between.

While all dogs need socialisation to behave within acceptable human and dog standards, powerful breeds such as English Staffordshire terriers particularly need regular supervised contact with other dogs, to remain social.

The dog you will see in this video is Apache. She is a very high energy dog that loves nothing more than to barrel along and chase or be chased by other dogs. However she is still coming to terms with her own strength, and like some staff’s can suffer from over excitement. This is a situation where her excitement builds to such a level that she takes ‘puppy mouthing’ to an extreme with the potential to cause a bite and damage to other dogs.

I won’t go into the history of how these dogs were developed or how many dogs are like this, but this is the reason she wears a bite muzzle on our walks. She is fine in the back of my car, and fine with the rest of the pack, and dogs that visit our pack in off lead parks. It’s just the one percent of the time, that the muzzle comes in handy as a form of insurance. Responsible dog walking is about prevention as much as it is about allowing great socialisation.

You may not gain this from the clip, but Apache lives with the 10 year old plus boxer you see in the video. Much of apache’s rubbing of head on the grass is an attempt to get the muzzle off. Not because it is harming her, but because it is preventing her from using her jaw, that a lot of Staffy’s really relish.

You will see her play hard and fast with a little brown dog called Louie. This dog loves to tease other dogs into play, and when Apache and Louie are together they will run hard and play hard for almost the entire time we are at the parks.

Without this level of release, play and correction as needed, Apache would have a much poorer quality of life. She would be living under human conditions and rules and not getting back in touch with what it means to be a dog. She loves her time out with the pack and loves to burn energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief video aobut her antics …

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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