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A little story about gourmet dog treats and what competitors hide from you

gourmet dog treats

gourmet dog treats When you shop for yourself you are probably delighted to find gourmet human treats on special. For dinner parties, we have horderves, fine wine, expensive foreign cheese. Any idea what all of these things have in common besides funny names and sometimes being hard to find?  Perhaps they are very rich and we shouldn’t eat too much of them either.

The number one thing is that they are expensive right?

We are conditioned to thinking that gourmet means expensive, and we willing to pay money well over the odds, to gain the emotional bond with our food, to feel special.

But we are proud to purchase gourmet foods because they make us feel good and taste yummy right? Their health value is a very secondary concern.


So what makes a gourmet dog treats

An average dog will eat a lot of grain in its life. It will have the most unnatural ‘dog food’ in its life from dog food manufacturers saving money on putting little meat in the pellet or wet food can. There will be plenty of soy made to look like meat, and jelly (marrow fat) – but the expensive meat component is always in short supply – how else will they make a lot of money?

A can of gourmet dog food is likely to have more unnecessary vegetables in it than any meat. It looks really colourful on the label!

Some of my competitors selling a similar product to me will do this.

  1. Get a bag of bulk 100% meat dog treats.
  2. Put the beef or roo or chicken in a cellophane bag,
  3. put a pretty ribbon around it.
  4. Put the word gourmet on the package (that often isn’t even sealed against air)
  5. Charge you double the price that I do

And because we believe all of the things that humans buy that are gourmet have similar components, and it’s not about what is really in the pack – then they get away with it.

Us humans will pay a high price if it says GOURMET – and we don’t even care if its 100% grain such as gourmet biscuits!

If you want to buy REAL gourmet, as in rare, and actually healthy, you will consider meat based treats (precisely because dog food doesn’t have a lot of meat) and you will not bother with paying a high price for packaging, because you care what is inside of the bag, not what the brand says.

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