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A D.I.Y Summer treat menu for your pooch!

There’s nothing better than knowing that your dog is happy and content when it is time for them to eat.

Summertime is a highly active time for dogs and just like us, pooches love being spoiled with different treats during training and for good behaviour.

There’s nothing better than a cool and refreshing treat on a really hot day! That is why we’ve devised a quick and easy Summer D.I.Y menu for your dogs that you can easily make and treat your dogs with during Summer.

  • Pupsicles: It’s like popsicles but for dogs! You can easily make your dog some pupsicles all by filling up small cups with some light yoghurt and fruit and adding one of our special dog biscuit treats as the icy pole stick! Put in the freezer then enjoy!
  • Chicken ice blocks: Adding some low fat chicken stock and some herb to an ice tray and freezing will give your dog a frozen treat they will never forget!
  • Frozen meat the fun way: Mixing some mince meat, carrot and parsley and placing in freezable ice cube trays will also give your pooch the option for a red meat Summer treat!
  • Fro-yo for dogs: Making frozen yogurt for dogs is super fun. All you need to do is blend some banana, light yoghurt and any other fruit of your choice (or your furry friends for that matter!), freeze and then serve your dog as yet another super healthy and delicious Summer treat!

We love spoiling our dogs with only the most healthy and nutritional options when it comes to snacks and treats and that is why we, at Healthy dog treats, pride ourselves on delivering only the most healthy and delicious dog treats for all pooches!

To learn more about our variety of nutritional dog treats great for your furry friend during Summer, please feel free to contact us on: 0402 262 875

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