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how-to-buy healthy dog treats in australia

Archie dog and Bruce


At Bruce's Healthy Dog Treats we understand the vital importance of nutritious dog treats. Both dogs and cats evolved to eat meat, and meat based treats address the low meat percentage in most commercial dog food. 

This is why Bruce sources his shop's Australian pet treats from very specific Australian pet treat company. Our "about" tab explains more about what healthy treats for dogs really mean, and it goes well beyond what chain stores, supermarkets and corporations who solely operate for profit would have you believe. Branding is nothing without substance. You may not know our brand yet, but when you do, you will find that we only sell 80% meat or 100% meat treats (biscuits and yogurt/ carob excepted) !

In response to the many questions we have had about treat suitability such as for dogs that are: young/ old, obese, pancreatic, big chewers, we have created specific articles that we provide links for at the bottom of the ABOUT page.

We only sell online to keep prices low, so you can afford more. For training reward, dog food supplement, and just as a treat, your dog and cat deserve the best dog treats for sale.


What are healthy treats for dogs?

We get a lot of export enquiries because of our truly premium Australian pet treats philosophy and because of our insistence on healthy treats for dogs being a minimum of 80% meat. Natural dog treats Australia can mean the meat based options are either farmed or caught wild (like our Kangaroo jerky and Fish range).  The extra value from the wild animals sources are that they are also ORGANIC treats for dogs as well as being low fat (and the good kind of fat).

These are the hidden gems of natural dog treats in Australia that you rarely find in supermarkets, because they cost more to make and most of them are 100% meat dog treats, not diluted with grains or vegetables.

You should be aware that because we only do treats for dogs (no other pets), we are very select about what we stock. If we don't like a formulation, or treats are found to be 'unsafe' (like cheap junk rawhides) we don't sell them. We regularly advise clients on the best treats like pig ears for the health of the whole of their dog. From muscle building and brain development, to long chewing treats for natural teeth cleaning and gum strengthening.  We ensure our stock is fresh and arrives in as good a condition as we received it form the suppliers, and quicker than most pet treat company's supply.

Whether you are looking for natural dog treats Australia or the best dog treats online (more affordable & higher quality than the competitors) you have come to the right place. If you are after gourmet treats for dogs, please consider the only healthy, natural, gourmet treats are actually MEAT based ones, on this site !

Remember, if you have any difficulty with this site, or are after something we don't stock, please contact us for a solution. We make a stand for all dogs being healthy in Australia and their owners being delighted with what we provide them. 

Archie dog loving the healthy dog treat lifeWhat dog treats or Australian Pet Treats do you choose?

There is an ongoing trend in America to sell either ghastly over processed coloured biscuits with too many additives as overpriced 'treats'  or the opposite end of the spectrum that we know to be healthy - organic, non processed 100% meat treats dog. But for some reason these pet industry reports don't like to use the word 'meat' too much, like it makes it unpalatable to humans (who have been brainwashed on grain) or it makes it too generic.

Our Australian Pet Treat company have been selling these kinds of treats from day one. They are not a trend, not a 'nice to have', but a very necessary part of a ANY dogs diet that is often over overfed on grains and vegetables.

An honest Australian pet treat company, with integrity and true understanding of dog nutrition, would know that dogs require a REAL natural diet based on prey animals not farmed vegetables. Lately we have been finding more exotic forms of meat products like Roo Cartilage, Octopus and Green lipped mussels, and they serve a very real purpose of adding diversity to your dog's meat protein intake.

However if you are on a budget and still want meat dog treats, we act as a glimmer of hope in the Australian pet treats landscape of providing affordable 100% meat products,  as affordably as possible, including subsidised postage options.

If you don't know what you are looking for, our nutrition and blog articles provide plenty of informed information for you. If you have any specific questions about what is suitable for your dog, please contact us.

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We enjoy participating with as many volunteer dog traing and rescue operations as we can.

These are some of the organisations that we recommend.


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